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Water Treatment Services in Essex

At GLP, we understand the importance of having clean water in your commercial space or home. With years of experience and knowledge, our specialist team is committed to providing high-quality water treatment services to maintain the hygiene of your water system. 

Water treatment is essential to:

  • Stop the growth of harmful bacteria like legionella, which can lead to severe illnesses like pneumonia.
  • Catch problems with your water tank early on to avoid costly fixes and interruptions in your water supply.
  • Keep your water free from impurities, ensuring it’s safe to drink and complying with health and safety regulations.

If you notice the water in your office or home tastes or smells strange, or if your water tank isn’t working as well as it should, contact our specialists at GLP for professional water treatment solutions. 

Our Water Tank Treatment Services

Chlorination Services

Treating hot and cold water systems with chlorine helps ensure they are free from bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms. Our Chlorination services in Essex apply this treatment as a precautionary measure in response to potential contamination or when a system has been inoperative longer than the usual operational period.

Bacteria Testing

Legionella bacteria become a health hazard when they enter water systems such as showers, cooling towers, hot tubs, and various plumbing systems. At GLP, we offer thorough bacteria testing services, including risk evaluations and treatments to manage and reduce the risks associated with legionella.

Cooling Tower Systems

Our expert engineers will work with you to enhance the efficiency of your cooling tower systems and manage contaminants. We conduct frequent evaluations to maintain ongoing compliance, ensuring adherence to HSE standards for cleaning, bacterial management, inspections, and repairs.

Water Treatment Plant Equipment

High-quality water treatment and management equipment are essential for meeting health and safety standards. Our water treatment specialists offer various water treatment services, from supplying and installing new equipment to water testing and regular servicing.

3 Steps to Professional Water Treatment Services in Essex

Get a Quote

Contact us for a free, tailored quote that meets your water treatment needs.

Free Water Assesment

One of our experienced engineers will assess your water system to identify the best solution for water treatment.

Specialised Water Treatment

Our professional team will thoroughly clean and disinfect your water system, ensuring it's in optimal condition.

Domestic Water Treatment in Essex

At GLP, we understand how important clean water is for your home in Essex. Our water treatment services are tailored to ensure that the water in your home is clean and safe, with homeowners turning to us when facing issues like limescale in their appliances or odd tastes in their drinking water. Our expert team is here to tackle these problems head-on with water services designed to provide safe, high-quality water.

Water Treatment essex
Water Treatment essex

Commercial Water Treatment in Essex

For businesses, our services are the go-to for dependable and effective water treatment in Essex. We cater to a wide range of commercial clients in hospitality, manufacturing, and beyond, with our services being essential for meeting health standards, safeguarding your equipment, and ensuring your employees’ and customers’ health and satisfaction. We understand that every business has different water treatment needs, and we’re committed to delivering customised solutions for smooth operations and excellent water quality.


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