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Our Services

Our air conditioning and HVAC services are all delivered by our highly trained, skilled in-house engineers.

Domestic Services

We provide HVAC solutions individually designed to meet your home’s specific needs. Once your systems are installed, we’re here to provide support, inspections and servicing whenever you need it.

Commercial Services

We deliver innovative mechanical and electrical systems that are individually designed to meet your property’s specific needs. Our services will help you to reduce costs, minimise your building’s environmental footprint and enhance its spaces.

Additional Services

We take pride in perfection; pride by producing a first-quality product in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our water treatment and cleaning solutions help organisations maintain good standards of water hygiene.

We undertake a full review of all of your air-conditioning systems, including the control settings. Making sure the system is effective for the square footage.

Make sure your air conditioning units are compliant with EU legislation and get them checked by our certified FGas contractors.

Dirt, dust, and debris are no strangers to industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems – and when they build up in those systems, they can interfere not only with the efficiency and workload of the HVAC system but also impacts the indoor air quality.

Ventilation Review

As part of the review, we will provide a thermal model of the rooms and use the ventilation rates and occupation levels to determine the anticipated CO2 levels. CO2 levels are a good indication of air quality

Our report will address

1. A review of the ventilation systems.

2. Anticipated system performances.

3. Advice on upgrading/improving ventilation.

4. Review against HSE guidelines.

5. Review against CIBSE guidelines.

6. Analysis from the thermal model for air quality.

7. Budget cost for any new works.

Our experts will manually release the fire damper and visually check the integrity of the mechanism. All fire dampers should close fully on release – it is the integrity of the closure that prevents the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency situation.

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