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Design & Planning

Expertly tailored systems that meet
budgets & complex needs

Our custom-designed systems meet the exact needs of your building and its occupants. We create practical, reliable and high-quality solutions that blend in, run efficiently, reduce costs and create comfortable living and working environments.

At GLP, we value your input and involvement at every stage of the project. Right from the start, we will work closely with you to analyse and clearly identify your needs and your property's specifications.

That means we can provide the very best solution and meet your expectations, making sure you are completely satisfied.

We do much more than supply and install, we design systems that seamlessly integrate with your plans in creative ways, whatever your practical or aesthetic requirements. We also have the expertise to effectively resolve any challenges, such as complex issues arising from combining old, new, renovated or restored buildings.

Using the latest technology, we produce highly finished CAD plans and visuals, these are valuable tools for making informed decisions. They also enable our skilled in-house engineers to produce a finished system that meets the precise needs of your building and its end users.

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We're happy to discuss your building's specifications & requirements and we can arrange a visit to carry out a free site survey.

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